Media omits lawyer and judge relationships between Britney and Jamie Spears, and Courtney Love Cobain

Hi, this is still a blog right?  Happy holidays then.

I wrote the following comment on Courtney Love Cobain’s Facebook wall.  There had been some confusion there between her fans and those who follow Britney Spears.  I thought about it later and realized that not all readers may know about the twist in the case of Courtney losing legal control over her daughter and later also receiving a temporary restraining order.

Suffice. The lawyers involved in Courtney’s case are the same lawyers who work for Jamie Spears and the conservatorship. The judge is also the same as documents from TMZ reveal.

On to the post:

I have a few more minutes here and then I am going outside, but I thought to explain to those unfamiliar with Britney Spears’ conservatorship case who some of the players are. If you open the documents through the TMZ link posted two hours ago, you will see attorneys Geraldine Wyle, Jeryll S. Cohen, and the Hon. Reva Goetz.

Google any of those names plus Spears and conservatorship and you are sure to find them in connection. Wyle and Cohen both work for Jamie Spears and I believe they were involved from the beginning of the conservatorship in Feb. 2008.

TMZ knows that as does the AP and any other news organization that covers courtroom news or celebrity gossip but none of them are saying it. TMZ only shows the document that is six pages but they do not help readers make the connection back to Jamie Spears and the conservatorship. One clearly also sees the Hon. Reva Goetz. She’s the one who ruled on Feb. 4, 2008 that based on the court appointed attorney’s meeting with Britney at UCLA that she did not understand legal proceedings and lacked capacity to hire her own lawyer. A simple search of journalist Linda Deutsch and capacity should bring up all that drama that also involved Adam Streisand who is now working with the Jackson family. … See More

I do believe that the connection between Courtney Love Cobain and Jamie Spears is fascinating and that it was irresponsible for the media to omit it (hide? conceal?) and distract us instead with tales of clothing designers and lawsuits based on Twitter. And. That they continue to. I don’t know if Courtney will keep any of this info up but hopefully at least some of you will see what is happening and be less confused. Happy holidays.
23 minutes ago

Author’s note: I posted this and other information more specific to Courtney’s case and media treatment on her Facebook account, if interested. She is listed under Courtney Love Cobain and if you follow her as a fan you may learn more of her story and how strangely it is connected back to Britney Spears. For those who don’t know, Courtney claimed over the Thanksgiving holiday that Jamie molested his daughter.

Lou Taylor, a Spears’ family spokesperson has not directly refuted the claim. Instead she was quoted by the New York Daily News as saying, “”We’re not commenting on Courtney Love, or any aliens who might come to Earth to impregnate people.”

Courtney responded, after seeing the story on her Facebook account, “I went to Sting and Trudys “Twin Spirits” wonderful Schullman letters event and sat with my dearest friend Stipe (Michael) tonight, not that the names matter, but I didn’t see ONE alien impregnating ANYONE!” (some punctuation added by Fair News Spears.)

Update: More of Love Cobain’s side of the story.  Like Britney and the imposed conservatorship no prior notice was given to Courtney Love as Wyle took action to remove her daughter from her life.


  • tma posted an article saying britney’s c-ship has been extended idk if that’s true or not

    • Sadly, it was easy for TMZ to make people believe that yesterday had anything to do with a “conservatorship review.” Those days or her opportunity vanished when the conservatorship was made permanent. You and others can see the court’s calendar for yourselves. Is it always accurate? Does it contain everything that is to be discussed?

      If you read between the lines of what both Radaronline and TMZ reported…

  • carmela even if c-ship was made permanent that doesnt mean it will last forever
    i mean s that even possible.What reason would they have to keep her under that for the rest of her life
    britney said on for the record that she doesnt wanna life under it for the rest of her life
    that would be insane …for someone to keep you jailed ….for her work and earn a lot of money yet never be allowed to see or spent or at least know that she cat spent money that she earned
    do oyu even know what that means
    thats not possible
    plus you said yourself that some actions are being made even thou we dont know the detailsharvey spoke with a lawyer involved in her case and lawyer said that steps in ending it are being mede but its far from a done deal.I think her docts are reviewing her these months and just like lawyer said they are expecting it to be lifted 6 moths to a yers

    • Hi, Daria. I have lots of questions.

      Why would anyone believe Harvey Levin at this point? He’s lost credibility to me over the year. For example, I read a story that Britney is going to the crazy side and that she’s been showing signs of craziness through her frantic, compulsive shopping. I make a few calls and find out it isn’t so and that Harvey’s tale is false.

      About permanent c-ship.

      There’s no motion to terminate. There’s no “continuing” what a judge has ruled to be permanent: no more regularly scheduled conservatorship reviews.

      We were told by the media that Britney could terminate it at any time. So… it’s permanent from the sense of reviewing the c-ship to see whether to continue it or make other arrangements.

      I would like to see someone who doesn’t have a monetary interest in Britney be the one to determine capacity. How can Britney have a voice when her court-appointed voice continues to have a job that rewards him to be “without capacity?”

      Why in 2008 and 2009 did various lawyers from the conservatorship continue to use a ruling from Feb. 4, 2008 to prevent Britney from either hiring her own attorney and/or to testify in a court of law?

      It was b.s. that her defense lawyer, Michael Flanagan, asked her dad “during the proceedings” if he would allow her to testify during the driver’s license case. That was a sham as court records reveal. I have signed documents as well as the actual court transcript “from the proceedings.”

      Which lawyer involved in the conservatorship would talk to the likes of Harvey Levin about such a sensitive matter as someone’s mental health and what the plans are?

      Harvey’s site is loaded with ads and Britney had been a gold maker for TMZ since its inception. Google Harvey and CNN transcripts and you will find him saying so repeatedly. He could drag out this c-ship thing over this year which I guess is what he intends to do. He got all of our hits to his site and generated ad revenue by being near the only one to breathe any trace of information regarding the conservatorship or Britney’s mental health.

      There are still enough nuts out there to disbelieve my interview with two witnesses from the boutique where Britney was shopping was mislead because the sales assistants saw an opportunity to build business for the store? Those nuts want to believe and willingly promote across the blogosphere that Britney could snap at any time.

      Ultimately it’s up to your own observation about TMZ to determine who might be telling the truth.

      I’ve been researching and writing an article to expose or prove the lack of a court appointed investigator looking in on Britney and being able to talk to her without her being intimidated or influenced by anyone. Those conservatees that are under professional, trained and certified fiduciaries are visited once a year by a court appointed investigator. What about Britney?

      Being manipulated by the media is a large part of why I began this column. I wanted to know the truth and I wanted to know if she was okay.

      We’re in to what appears to be four attorneys she has tried to hire now. Blair Berk herself testified in April that Britney was constantly asking her why she couldn’t represent her and Berk old her to see her psychiatrist and that she should listen and talk to Sam Ingham. In short Berk admitted that Britney complained about her both to her and to others.

      I think the public would be happier if information came from sources outside of the tabloid world. Harvey can pretend to walk among us as an ethical journalist but he is not simply because he doesn’t uphold the truth or hold others who are in power accountable. He’s a tabloid journalist and so is his team of writers. He could try to sue me for libel in saying that but he would fail. Also, if he did try that I could expose him for everyone to see: my articles are easily fact checked. TMZ by the way is only the tip of it. They just never had anyone dog them before quite like this in so public a case: a worldwide superstar.

  • carmela yes i hear what your sayign
    but its my undersatng that britney c-hip was made permanent after she contacted sam.Now i dont think that judge can make a decision just like that without heraing some facts as to why should she be udner permanent c-hip.
    and doctors who are reviewing her arent working for c-hip they are court app am i right?
    my question is ….do oyu honestly think that its possible to keep someone under c-hip forever even if that peson appears to be ok and is working
    you britney isnt really what she was during britney or in th zone era almost as if she is ready yet if you know what i mean she could easy be fragile
    maybe im wrong idk
    its there any chance you can talk to a legas expert or a lawyer outsid ethis case of yourse that can tell you sometign about c-hip even of the person is sick
    i just find it impossible for her ot be unde rit for the rest of her life
    it jsut sounds impossible she said it herself in for the record i dont wanna live under this forever
    so could you please find out ….bc if there is legal thing that can use than its is gonna end real ugly

    what i dont underatnd is why is she working how can somebody be allowed t work yet not be able to take care of themself shouldne c-ship prevent her formgoing in the same world she fell apart in in the forst plase
    yes i knwo its her comfor zone but still…..its pressure and she shouldbe allowed to work if she is under c-ship

  • Daria, as far as I know, Sam had nothing to do with the conservatorship becoming permanent. Absolutely nothing. Please read through some of the articles on this site or google for permanent conservatorship and the AP. And/or add Anthony McCartney. He might have written the article but I came by some of my knowledge by documents based on Florida.

    Don’t you think it’s strange that the conservatorship was made permanent in October 2008 on the same day Johnny Wright’s attorney was trying to compel Britney to testify?

    What I would like to ask the court is what steps the court might take to hear Britney’s side and I mean BRITNEY’S SIDE. She has tried to hire four attorneys now and she’s still … If I were the Hon. Goetz (why isn’t there more political pressure on her?) I would want to see Britney alone or make some measure to get her side outside and away from Jamie, Sam Ingham, and the lot of hem.

    I hope that celebrities will inquire themselves, speak up, put some pressure on the judge to answer more of our questions. Do you know what I mean?

    I find it horrifying that a productive money maker who goes to work, tour, performs and so on, could still be under a conservatorship the way that it has been. Maybe she wants out so bad that they are afraid to give her even little bits of freedom.

    Is staying in the same hotel with Jason Trawick freedom? Who else stays with them there? What about her new home? Is it far away from where she needs to do business right now? X17 etc. keeps saying they’ve been going out on pointless drives but the public can see dry cleaning in the back of the car… we’re only getting parts of the story.

    I’ll try to be productive this week when I get back and try to get more answers. I ask myself why mainstream media isn’t asking these questions and chasing the story. There’s an obvious public interest. Britney Spears and what is happening with the conservatorship is newsworthy. TMZ meanwhile profits from the opportunity of mainstream media ignoring the case in the way they have. I’m not making profit here. I haven’t even tried to but I have questions like you do and now as a journalist student I have the right to try to get some of those questions answered and then inform the public.

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  • I think it’s terrible what happend to Britney Spears and she needs our help. Britney is not incompetent or incapacitated in any way. Britney should have the right to choose her own freedom and live her life the way she wants.

    As to the Cobain girl she should get her mother’s name off of her trust account as soon as possible; the money is for her – not momma. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been involved in guardianship battles for years. Please contact me.

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