Five say Lynne Spears lies in her book

Where are The Associated Press and Los Angeles Times?

Credit to Kill the Lights Sep 3 2009

Credit to Kill the Lights Sep 3 2009

The AP and LA Times have been stingy in sharing riveting new details from declarations filed at a Los Angeles Superior Courthouse this July stating Lynne Spears told numerous lies in her book, “Through the Storm, A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World.”

The declarations support Sam Lutfi’s lawsuit against Lynne filed last February for libel, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress as a result of what he calls Lynne’s lies and characterization of him.  Lutfi had been a frequent companion of her daughter Britney, until Lynne filed a declaration supporting of a restraining order against him in early 2008. Many of Lynne’s statements from that declaration were included in her book published later in the fall of 2008.

“It became virtually impossible for me to be seen anywhere in public without someone yelling insults and racial slurs at me, spitting at me and calling me names,” says Lutfi about his life as a result of book’s publication.

Those who made declarations saying Lynne told lies in her book are:  Robin Johnson, an appointed childcare monitor required by the court for visitation between Britney Spears and her children; Alli Sims, ex-assistant to Britney Spears; Adnan Ghalib, ex-boyfriend, ex-paparazzo; Filipe Teixeira, paparazzo and; Sam Lutfi, ex-companion.

A judge will hear the matter this tomorrow and decide whether to grant Lynne’s motion to dismiss the complaint based on freedom of speech and her much publicized declaration last Feb 2008 that clinched a temporary restraining order against Lutfi.

In her book, Lynne asserts that Lutfi had told her that he secretly ground up pills, such as Risperdol and Seroquel, and put them into Britney’s food but Johnson, the childcare monitor says she doesn’t think that is so.

“As a family care monitor, I am required to be aware of all drugs (prescription or otherwise) being taken by the person I am monitoring.  During the seven month period in which I monitored Britney, she was taking anti-depressant medication as prescribed by her doctors.   I witnessed Britney taking this medication on an almost daily basis.  I am unaware that she had been prescribed any other such medications.”

Johnson lived in Britney’s house near every weekend from Friday until Monday morning and was with her Tuesdays during all day visitation from Oct. 2007 to Apr. 2008.  Her bedroom was between Lutfi and Britney before the conservatorship.  She says the phone lines were never cut, as Lynne had said in her book (and in her declaration to the court that enabled the first TRO against Lutfi in Feb. 2008) as her job required a landline for emergencies given frequent bad cell phone reception at Britney’s house.   She says all of the telephones were in working order and that Britney always had a cell phone.

Ghalib says he never called Lynne to tell her that Lutfi hid Britney’s dog, London, and that Lutfi would bring the dog out as a savior after she got upset.  Ghalib says this is false and that it was Lynne who called him and then she gave instructions:

“I received a telephone call (from Lynne).  She instructed me to give an interview and tell the interviewer everything was fine with Britney; that Britney was not on drugs or an alcoholic and that all of Britney’s problems including, without limitation, accusations of drug abuse, erratic behavior, etc. were caused by Lutfi.”

Ghalib completed the interview on or about Jan. 22, 2008 on Entertainment Tonight.  When asked if Britney knew of the interview he hesitated, as if in thinking, then said no.

Another person supporting Lutfi’s assertions is Britney’s distant cousin, Alli Sims, who lived with Britney for much of 2007 as her assistant.  She refutes Lynne’s claims that Lutfi intentionally tried to shut Britney’s family out of her life.  Sims says that she often heard Lutfi encouraging Britney to make amends with her parents and bring them back into her life.  She never heard Lutfi say anything negative about them.

Sims also denies Lynne’s accusation that Lutfi told her (Lynne) that he had thrown away Britney’s cell phone chargers and cut phone lines at the house.  She attests that there was a large cell phone docking station and that she often saw multiple cell phones being charged there.

To Lynne’s claim that Lutfi told her he disables Britney’s cars, Sims says neither she nor Britney ever had trouble starting the vehicles.

Teixeira, a paparazzo, avers to the same and also describes events from January 30, 2008 when Lynne, Jamie, and Lynne’s friend Jackie arrived after hearing about a public fight between Lufti and Britney.  Teixeira says of Jamie, that Britney repeatedly told him she was afraid of her father and did not want to see him.

In June, Lynne’s lawyer contended in court documents that her book only sold 65,000 copies and that Lynne’s Feb. 2008 declaration for a temporary restraining order against Lutfi was heavily publicized.  Much of wording from that declaration was included in the book.

All declarants, including Lynne, are under penalty of perjury—declarants make sworn testimony that their statements are true and accurate.  If called into court they would testify to what they have declared according to California law.

The original declarations in support of Lutfi’s complaint case may be obtained online, for less than $15 US, with a credit card at the courthouse’s website using case number BC406904. The declarations are also free using the links below.

Pic source: BritneyExperts

From the courthouse:

Declarations Sims Ghalib Johnson Teixeira

Declaration Sam Lutfi


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