Britney’s team wants to talk to Sam Lutfi, (Part 3)

Tsour Lee Adato and Britney Spears at a hotel pool in Cabo San Lucas Jul. 27, 2008. Photo courtesy/

(Pardon ongoing reconstruction through New Year’s — back to the list) I wouldn’t want to sit in a hot seat before Joel Boxer (a Spears’ attorney). I’ve talked to him once on the phone, read his arguments in court documents, and read transcripts from his exam and cross-exams of witnesses in the 2009 restraining order proceedings against Sam Lutfi, Adnan

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Herman Cain hires alleged Biltmore bomber

Update:  Herman Cain suspending his campaign should surprise no one given his history of bad decision making While Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, gained Secret Service protection this month, his error in hiring as his campaign security director, Kristian Otto Herzog, an ex-con with an addiction to publicity and to celebrities, may be a more serious gaffe than has previously

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Sam Lutfi claims Britney Spears was Adderall addict

“You shouldn’t believe something just because a lawyer wrote it down,” says Kevin Federline’s family lawyer as a tip to the paparazzi. That said, Sam Lutfi offers his most recent allegations against Britney Spears and her family in pursuit of records he believes will support his case against Jamie, Lynne and Britney Spears.

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New law jails paparazzi–Now what? Part II

Continued from Part I – an in-depth report on California’s new law aimed at aggressive paparazzi who threaten public safety. This is the original content in the first of a series to see what if anything may change for celebrities and the paparazzi. Private investigators lead enforcement Private investigators will play a significant role in enforcing AB 2479 come Jan.

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